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Just a little about Us

Just a little about Us and our Herbs Welcome to Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading.  We have been trading since 2010.   I started out very small and obtained my herbs from an Organic Herb Farmer in the Britz, South Africa area.    I originally just made up herb tea packs, but soon realized that my customers were starting to ask for herbal remedies. Qualifications: I first studied under Learning Herbs in the USA.  I then did a full Herbal Diploma through the Blackford Herbal Institute in the UK.   As Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading grew, and our orders increased, we obtained our herbs from the Eastern Cape. South African Regulations for Herbal Health Products: During 2014-15, new regulations came about for using herbal products for healing and all companies/people selling Herbal Health products, had to join a recognized association to trade.    We made application to the Cape Bush Doctors under NPO(105461) and our application was approved in February 2016. All our herbs are grown organically. 2017:  We decided to branch out into packaged culinary herbs. Other Products 2018:  The company has also started a craft division where we make and have locally made craft products for sale. This includes all types (more…)