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SALT:  IS IT GOOD FOR YOU? LOVE TOO MUCH SALT-LESS IS MORE Salt: Is it good for you? – How did this topic arise, it is quite strange that as I sat in front of my computer wondering what to put onto my Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading web site, which might be of interest to all, I was paging through a “Life Magazine” – Autumn 2017 and there was an article on “Less is more when it comes to Salt”. As I was reading trying to decide whether this would be a good topic, I had a pop-up notice from  “Love too much salt”-Think again as it may affect your thinking. Amazing co-incidence, so here goes. From Organic Facts: A High-Salt Diet May Harm Brain Health We are aware that a high-salt diet can cause various cardiovascular diseases.   However, are you aware of its effects on other systems of the body? A high-salt diet is found to cause cognitive impairments, says a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.   Although the study was performed on mice, scientists say that it would have similar effects on human body too. The study, conducted by researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, reveals a (more…)