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Bloating The surprising foods that cause it, and how to relieve it .  Chewing gum is a culprit too. Feeling “Weighty” All of us have days when we suddenly start feeling a bit ‘weighty’   round the stomach. The belly bloat can be very unseemly and off-putting. Here are a few foods that can assist you in cutting back on the excessive bloating and slim down your waistline. AND some a few surprising foods that actually cause bloating. Foods which cause Bloating. Even if you have a moderately healthy diet, there are certain foods that can make you more bloated. You should stay away from these right before an important occasion or event. Too much salt in food or eating added salt by way of pickles should be avoided. Adding table salt to dishes can increase your sodium intake without you even realizing it. Bloating Binge Drinking Binge drinking alcohol or mixing too many alcoholic drinks dehydrate your body, which in turn leads to water retention and causes you to wake up with a puffy, bloated face and belly. If you want to avoid bloating, then limit the number of drinks you consume, don’t drink on an empty stomach and follow (more…)